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Backgammon Overview

Backgammon is a classic strategy game with a rich history of over 5,000 years! Despite it's long history, backgammon rules are simple to learn and you can play the game against your friends or a computer. Play backgammon 24/7 now!

The Rules of Backgammon

To win in backgammon, you must be the first player to remove all of your pieces from the board. To start the game, players roll a die to determine who goes first. Next, each player alternates rolling two dice and move their checkers as many times as the number they rolled.

Each player will take turns moving their checkers around the backgammon board and must get them to the edge of their home board to remove them. You are allowed to move any free backgammon checkers to a point that already has your pieces or to a point where your opponent only has one checker.

Backgammon Fun Facts

- The first backgammon tournament was organized in 1964 by Alexis Obolensky, a member of the princely Obolensky family of the Rurik Dynasty; he is sometimes called the "father of modern backgammon"

- The 30 checkers in a backgammon game represent the number of days in a month and the 24 points represent the 24 hours in a day.

Enjoy your time with backgammon online!

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